The VBOX: What you need to know…

The greatest Vapouriz sub-ohm device yet!

Dear Vapers,

The all new VBOX mod box from Vapouriz arrived here at Ubervape a few weeks ago and I was lucky enough to get my hands on it for the weekend. From the size of the box straight away I can tell this will be a petite mod, the packaging of the VBOX is tidy and has a really premium feel to it. I was right, this thing is compact – It doesn’t look like it’ll be able to hold 2600mah of power – but this little box packs the same punch as some of the much bigger mods on the market. This mod can stand up against the heavyweights and hold its head up high!

Visually it’s a good-looking piece of kit finished in a choice of metallic colours – either matte black, gun-metal grey/silver or cobalt blue with subtle VBOX and Vapouriz branding which I like. It’s been designed to fit smoothly into the hand of the user. Some people concentrate purely on power but in this case power goes hand in hand with design and beauty. The smooth chamfered edges fit snuggly into your palm with 3 fingers resting comfortably on the finger indent.

At first glance it is obvious somebody has put some serious thought into this – for example the 510 connection at the top has a small groove leading up to it in case you have a tank that has restricted air flow. Forward planning at its finest!!

The VBOX contains an ego adaptor (designed as a sleek collar so your unit looks as one smooth piece of kit rather than multiple extensions). This also means you can use it whilst it’s on charge! The USB cable is actually long enough to comfortably use whilst the box is charging without having your face pressed against a wall or your head under your desk. (In fact I’m charging and vaping whilst I write this!)

Let’s get Vaping! It comes fully charged so with 3 presses of the ‘on’ button and the VBOX comes to life. The bright screen then shows the ohms, battery and voltage output indicator. The buttons to the left of the display control the wattage setting which will be the primary bit you need to know – the lowest is 7watts and the highest 50watts. It goes up on 0.1 increments (on most its 0.5) so you are more in control of your vaping.

Friday night up the pub, will it hold up? Well that was interesting, not the night, but the box. I went out fully loaded, again not because I doubted the little guy but I wanted to be prepared for an evening and not have to worry. I used it consistently all night – with no fiddling about, misfiring and it didn’t run out even after being passed around so everyone could have a try. Even when I woke up blurry eyed and hungry for a fry up this little magic box was still happy to sort me out with my morning coffee.