Hello and welcome to our first ever post at Ubervape Blog.

We have launched this blog because of the huge demand for news and information about vaping out there right now… a demand which is growing all the time.

Our aim is to provide the coverage you want to read and we will have something for everyone in every issue… whether you are a first time vaper or already something of an expert you are all most welcome indeed. We will be interesting, informative and keep you up to date with key news events but we will never be too serious or stuffy. Our aim is to provide information, reviews and promotions in a very informal, unbiased way.

This is both an exciting and challenging time for the entire industry which has amazing potential for growth but which also faces scrutiny and regulation from governments and other official bodies. Already there seems to be a lot of confusion and misinformation out there about vaping and just knowing where smoking e-cigarettes is allowed and where it is not is something of a minefield.

Take time to check out the blog and the whole team, hope you like what we will put together for you. Feel free to tell your friends about us and be sure to follow us on Twitter (@Ubervapeuk) where we already have a growing community of followers.

You will find fun facts, links you will find interesting and also offers and contests from time to time so follow us and be sure to say hello. Finally we want this to be your blog so do feel free to come up with suggestions, tips or ideas for posts you would like us to cover.

Feel free to email me – aaron@ubervape.co.uk is my email address and I look forward to hearing from you.

Happy vaping